NIT is a national occupational training scheme and provides physical therapy training to all members of the health and social care sector in England and Wales.

It also provides physical therapist certification to all registered physical therapists in the profession.

The NITs goal is to train physical therapists to be able to work in all areas of healthcare.

The scheme has been around for almost 50 years, but it was first introduced in 2000, with the introduction of NIT 1 and NIT 2.

Its aim is to give a high quality of physical therapy to people across the health care and social services sector.

It’s also important for employers to have a physical therapist on staff, as it is one of the key skills that employers need to recruit the best and brightest people.

But there are still some challenges.

The biggest is that physical therapists are highly regulated.

They are required to undergo a licensing process before they can apply for certification and also undergo further testing.

This is a difficult process for those with limited education or no previous physical therapy experience.

It can also be very difficult for people with physical health conditions to gain certification.

In the past, NIT certification was reserved for those in the healthcare profession.

This was because physical therapists needed to have certain skills, such as physical therapy, and they had to be a registered nurse or physiotherapist, or both.

However, the current licensing system, which was introduced by the Department of Health, has changed.

This means that physical therapist certifications are not available for all occupational health and occupational health care occupations.

So, if you want to become a physical therapy professional, you need to find out what you need before you apply.

And that’s why we’ve developed the NIT Physical Therapy Job List.

We’ve collected more than 3,500 job opportunities in the UK to give you a better idea of what physical therapy might be suitable for your role in your profession.

You can download it here.

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