By Amy Coyle-GoslingThe University of Melbourne has proposed a new policy that would ban “unethical” “sneaky” “snacking” by students in physical education courses.

Key points:The new policy is based on the Australian National Standards, which say that physical education (PE) should be taught in a “professional, relaxed” wayStudents would be told that “unhealthy” activities such as sneaking around and “snaaking” would be considered cheatingThe proposal comes amid a debate about whether students should be allowed to sneak around in the PE classes and snipe in the poolThe University says it is seeking feedback from the community to determine what actions would be acceptable, and has promised to make its policy public on its website.

The new proposal comes following a debate on the issue on social media following a report in the Sydney Morning Herald that “snoaking” is a “problem” for many students in PE.

The Herald reported that some students are “using the sport of PE to get around” a code of conduct.

“A lot of students are just trying to sneak about and sneak around without being detected,” student Peter White told the Herald.

“The whole idea is to not have people walking past you in the room, just to have some extra privacy.”

“It’s a very big problem,” he said.

“I have been in PE and I’ve been told that I can’t snuggle in the classroom, but I can still do my PE homework and my physical education homework and then I can do my science homework.”

It is a huge problem for the students and it’s a big problem for us.

“The new “sneeaking” policy would mean that students who are caught “snaking around” would face penalties, including being expelled, the university’s student life manager, Susan Johnson, told the ABC.”

We are looking at all the issues we could think of,” she said.

Student Body president Alex Latham said students were “all the same” and were learning PE.”

This is an important issue that we all have in common,” he told the news.”

But we all need to understand that we are all different and it is OK to do that.

“The proposal follows an incident earlier this year when a student at the University of Sydney was arrested for sneaking around the building, where students were not allowed to sit.

In June this year, students were arrested for “saying no” in the same building as a police officer while exercising, in what some have called a breach of the student code of behaviour.

Students at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) also have a code for snacking, but students were told that they could only eat and drink from a container at the bottom of a container in the water.

The Queensland government has been criticised for restricting the use of alcohol in public spaces, and some have questioned whether a similar policy could apply to PE.

Mr Latham says the policy would not affect any of the schools.”

That is our policy and we are following that,” he added.”

Students can go in the gym and eat and go to a sports venue and not have any issues.

“He said the policy was also being discussed with the Victorian Government.”

There are many other issues that need to be considered in terms of this issue, so we are in the process of looking at that,” Mr Latham told ABC radio.

The ABC has contacted the University for comment.

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