When the story hits the screen, there will be a new physical education title in the news on ABC TV.

It will be the ABC News Digital First in the physical education category, and the first title to hit the airwaves after the launch of the ABCs new digital television channel on January 2.

The title is “Kahoot Physical Education”, and it is the first of many new titles to be added to the ABC channel’s physical education portfolio.

Key points:Physical education titles are expected to hit screens in the coming monthsThe ABC is the only national broadcaster in Australia to have a physical education channel on its platformThis title is the ABC first in a new digital TV seriesPhysical education content is expected to be on the air in the next few monthsABC TV’s new digital channel will bring together physical education content from all of the major national broadcasters and broadcasters across the globe.

The new digital network will have a dedicated section devoted to physical education and will include a number of new titles.

“The digital future is here,” the ABC Digital First website reads.

“Digital has been a cornerstone of the broadcaster’s digital platform for over a decade.”

It will help us create more stories, better insights, and more compelling content that audiences can enjoy on their smartphones and tablets, on tablets and mobile devices.

“The title of the digital channel is “The ABCs Digital First”, and the channel is set to launch later this month.

The digital channel’s launch is significant for the ABC as it aims to provide a digital experience that audiences have never had before.

In the past, the ABC has had a focus on live news, but it has not had a dedicated digital platform.”

This is our first digital platform that’s not based on live TV news but instead is based on digital content,” ABC digital chief Mark Scott said.”

With this digital channel, we are creating an interactive content experience where people can explore the content on the ABC and also on social media, which is our main focus.

“The ABC also has a special focus on the arts and humanities, with a special section on physical culture and arts at the start of every episode of the series.”

That will be one of the things we are most excited about with this digital platform is it will be able to provide us with a new opportunity to explore new and exciting arts and cultural topics in the digital space,” Scott said, adding that “this new digital platform will allow us to give our audience new ways to discover and engage with Australian cultural content.

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