A high school physics teacher is being hailed a hero after telling her students they should stop taking the test to prove they know the subject they are working on.

As part of the new Physics Academy, which launched earlier this year in the US, elementary and middle school students are being required to take an online test to become certified.

“There’s been a lot of confusion around the science of physics and the science teachers should teach it,” physics teacher Danielle Korn said.

“That’s why we’re really excited to bring our new physics classroom to schools across the country and help educate the next generation of science teachers.”

The Physics Academy is a free online course, but the test takes place at a classroom, and students are expected to read and follow the instructions to pass.

“It’s a great way for parents to help their kids learn about physics,” teacher Danielle said.

“The students learn in their own classroom and are encouraged to take a real-world test that is actually challenging.”

The physics teachers are also encouraged to introduce the subject to their students through video lectures, which they can upload to YouTube.

Teachers are also required to teach the topic in the classroom, though students are free to watch the lectures online.

The Physics Education Dictionary (PED), a dictionary of physics terms, is a great resource for teachers.

The dictionary also contains a list of the different topics that are included in the Physics Academy course.

“We are hoping to teach some physics topics that would otherwise go unnoticed, like quantum physics and gravitational waves,” Ms Korn explained.

“The Physics Act says that teachers have to teach every subject that is covered by the act.”

The Physics School Physics Teacher Training Program (PSPTP) also helps teachers teach new physics subjects.”PSPTPs are for teachers who want to help the next wave of physics teachers get certified,” Ms Rocha said.

Ms Rochas PED class was launched in January.

The new physics teachers have also been encouraged to help parents who are unsure how to approach their children, and have been given the option to help with homework assignments.

“I think that it’s really important for parents that they have the ability to give their children advice and help them out when they’re struggling with something,” Ms Lutz said.

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