NZE ICTs is the newest technology platform to be introduced by the government of Zimbabwe, with its aim of creating a modern, digital society.

It’s one of the first public schools in Africa to adopt the new platform.NZEI, which is also known as NZE, aims to deliver an educational experience for all pupils, regardless of their background.

It’s also the first government-backed technology platform that provides a new model of physical education.

The government is now working to establish a new curriculum, a new digital education model and a new public school system in the country.

The programme will begin with the first batch of schools in December and the first two schools will open in 2018.

NZE has already opened three schools and a community centre in Harare, and is planning to open more in the coming years.

The new digital curriculum aims to encourage students to be more active and engaged, and also create a more balanced learning environment.

The curriculum will introduce students to new technologies, including mobile apps, online learning, digital games, games consoles, virtual and augmented reality and robotics, the government said.

Students will be taught to be less distracted and more focused, the programme says.

The aim is to make learning a seamless and seamless experience for pupils.

The project is designed to equip students with the skills they need to take part in the 21st Century economy, it says.

Students are taught to play a variety of video games, including the likes of FIFA, Call of Duty, Madden, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Overwatch, Minecraft and Plants vs Zombies.

The new games will be available to students via an online portal.

The goal is to enable all students to engage in physical activities in a safe, responsible and fun way, it adds.

The physical education curriculum aims at providing students with an educational environment where they can be confident, healthy and free from fear of injury and infection.

The NZE curriculum is based on the model that the government introduced in 2016.

It has been tested successfully with over 50,000 students, according to the government.

It will offer students physical education lessons in a more accessible and enjoyable manner.

The curriculum is also designed to help students to learn new skills and skills in an interactive environment.

This will enable them to build a stronger foundation for future generations and help them to succeed in the economy, the Ministry of Education said.

The National Science and Technology Centre in Harrawil, in the capital Harare province, will be the centre for NZE training.

The centre has been established to develop NZE skills and to support the physical education programmes.

The training will take place in a specially designed building.

Nze is the world’s only school with a physical education programme, according, with more than 2,200 pupils enrolled in the programme.

The first school will be opened in 2019.

The next two schools are scheduled to open in 2021 and 2022.

Read more about physical education: NZE-18 Nze-18 was launched in 2017 to improve the physical learning experience for students, it states.

It is also the country’s first online learning platform, with the aim of facilitating the digital development of schools. 

The curriculum includes digital games and video games consoles and is tailored to pupils from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The primary aim of the NZE programme is to prepare students for the 21c market.

The national health strategy, published in 2017, calls for better physical education in schools and for more opportunities for pupils to get their hands dirty.

It calls for more physical education to be integrated in every aspect of school life. 

NCEA-18 NCEAs is the latest initiative to be launched by the National Education Council, which has been working for over 20 years to promote the use of technology in education. 

 NceAs aims to equip the children with the knowledge and skills to be productive citizens in a digital world.

The school is a digital playground for pupils, and aims to foster innovation and technology-related knowledge in schools, it said.NCEAt the NCEA programme launch in 2018, NCEAs principal Keba Gohil said that the NGEI is an important part of the programme to prepare the pupils for the digital economy. 

In 2017, NZE said that it has created the first school to offer online education.

In 2017 NZE launched the NTEI – School to Learn (NZE) project, an initiative to create an integrated digital education programme. 

It launched the first NZE-16 digital classroom in Harampur, with a focus on physical education and digital skills development. 

Read more: Read NZE 18 in English

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