Teachers and students at one of Sydney’s top schools are facing a new challenge with the rollout of a new system of teaching physics.

Key points:A physics teacher is set to move from the classroom to a more remote location after school principals say they are concerned about safety”The teacher is in a very remote area with very limited physical support”The principal says the decision has been made after careful consideration”The school will now have to make some changes to its physical education curriculum to accommodate the teacher”In the meantime, principals are planning to have a physical education teacher on site, which will allow them to support teachers and pupils in a way that will not jeopardise safety.

“The move has been criticised by principals, who say the teacher will be in a remote location where they will not be able to provide support to pupils, while some students will be moved out of the building.”

The teachers are going to be moving to a different building.

That will be a big change,” Principal Stephen Cottrell said.”

There is a very high level of safety concerns and we are making sure that we are working to make sure that all the teachers and all the students are safe.”‘

Not an option’ for teachers’ The move is the latest in a series of moves by the school to modernise its physical-education curriculum.

The new system is expected to be rolled out at the end of the year.”

We have not been able to make this decision until we have had a bit of time to study it and see if it is an option for the teachers.””

I would imagine the safety of all of our students will come first.”

We have not been able to make this decision until we have had a bit of time to study it and see if it is an option for the teachers.

“It is not an option because we do not want to risk any of our staff who are going in and out of our building.”

A key reason for the move is that teachers are being asked to move to a new location after their school has been hit by a fire.

“In this particular situation we are in, we have an emergency, and the fire is coming to the premises.”

Our main concern is that we do have to deal with that fire,” Dr Cootes said.

He said that while the fire had burnt the building, the teachers were not in danger.”

They are not at risk,” Dr David Cootee said.

Mr Cootees fears that if teachers leave the school, they could be forced to move.”

You can’t move someone in a building where there are no fire extinguishers,” he said.

The school’s chief executive, Michael Brown, said he was “very pleased” that the move had been made, adding that the teachers would not be moving unless the school had to do so.”

I think that was a very deliberate decision on our part,” Mr Brown said.

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