Plato, Greece, is home to some of the world’s best physical education facilities, and the University of Greece is currently working on a new app to help students learn physical education skills, according to the university’s head of physical education.

Plato Physical Education website: article Greek physical education is in crisis, says Plato professor of physical health sciences, Dr. Dimitris Katsiou.

“The students who have been exposed to the digital environment and the virtual environment are very vulnerable,” said Katsiounis.

“The physical education system, the curriculum, is in a very vulnerable situation.”

The University of Athens has partnered with Platonic Physical Education, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a digital physical education curriculum for all students, to make the app accessible.

“We are in the process of creating an app that will be made available to students who are currently unable to use our physical education systems,” Katsioulas said.

“There is a gap between what the students are exposed to in physical education and what they need to know to use the physical environment.”

Plato is one of Greece’s oldest and most prestigious universities, founded in 1528.

It has an online education system that is open to anyone with an Internet connection.

According to the Greek Ministry of Education, the university has over 2,000 courses in physical science, physical education as well as engineering.

Platos students are required to attend a full year of physical school before they can enter the university.

That means the students will need to complete a full-time, five-year course to be able to start their careers in the Greek government-owned industry.

The curriculum, which is available online, is geared toward physical education students.

According to the website, students can learn physical exercise by taking part in a physical class or participating in a virtual class.

It also includes a full physical education course in physical fitness and physical therapy, as well a course on basic nutrition and dieting.

Platonic’s physical education app, named PEP, is currently available in 10 languages.

The app was developed by Platonic’s digital health team.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport, and by the Greek Academy of Sciences, and funded by a grant from the Greek ministry of education.

The team also created a digital learning platform for the physical education industry, where users can access their personal and professional files and videos.

Katsioulis believes that the app is important because of its accessibility.

“Students in Greece have a limited number of physical and physical education courses to choose from,” he said.

He noted that students in Greece spend about 30 percent of their time studying physical education in the classroom.

“This is the most important part of the curriculum for the students in our country,” Katsis said.

The students who choose to enroll in physical-education classes can earn some €40 per month from their employer.

The new app will help students in the physical-health and physical-therapy fields, as it will be able better prepare them for the workforce.

“Platonia is the biggest provider of physical-educational training in the world,” Katsinakis said.

It will also be able help prepare students for the coming digital-education revolution.

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