Sport has been in full meltdown for the last few days with several reports of the Premier League having to make the dreaded “C” word disappear. 

The word is said to have caused so much confusion in the past that even the official football association, the Professional Footballers’ Association, has been forced to issue an apology.

The word has been used since the early 1900s and is a verb used to express an intention or action. 

A report from the BBC website quotes former England international Jamie Carragher saying: “The word ‘c’ was in use as far back as 1873 by the English footballer James Worthy who won the England FA Cup against Scotland in 1873.” 

He also claimed it was used in a game between the two countries in 1882. 

And while it may be true that the term was coined in the 18th century, it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the word started appearing in the media.

The BBC reports that the phrase is actually used by football clubs to refer to their team’s goalkeeper, and the phrase became popularised by the 1990s when it became used to refer directly to England’s goalkeeper Petr Cech.

“Cech is the only goalkeeper in the history of England who has won the Premier Leagues 100 times and that was because of the ‘c’,” said Jamie Carragh, former England and Manchester United player and presenter. 

Cech, of course, is currently at the centre of the FA Cup final in the quarter-finals. 

“The word’s origin was in the 1800s when English football players used to use the word to describe their goalkeeper when they had no other option,” said the BBC. 

What is a ‘c’? 

Cecil replies: “When you are referring to a goalkeeper, it means the goalkeeper is the one who has kept the ball and the goalkeeper has got the ball.” 

“I think the word ‘Cech’ is an expression of admiration, not of respect.”

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