Mental health is a worldwide epidemic.

We are all in it together.

So how can we be safe?

This is a problem that needs to go to the top.

The problem of mental health, as we all know, has been discussed and debated.

In the first edition of this book, I have written about how to manage the mental health crises of the 21st century.

But, until now, most people haven’t even realised it.

They have assumed that mental health is something that happens to the individuals themselves.

But it is not.

It happens to us.

It is the disease.

And we are not just the ones who suffer from it.

It’s our partners, our children, our neighbours, our employers, and our communities that are affected.

So, what can we do about it?

I hope this book will give you a better understanding of what mental health can be and what we need to do to get the best from it, in order to survive.

I hope it will also give you some tools and strategies that you can use to make mental health a little more manageable.

And it will help you to get a little bit closer to understanding the real cause of mental illness.

I’m Joanne Womack, and I’m professor of epidemiology at the University of Exeter, and a contributing editor to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Joanne is a lecturer in epidemiology and public health at the Institute for Social Science Research, London, and is also a senior research fellow at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

We’re all in this together.

We’ve got to get our heads round it.

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