A certification for physical education is essential to any employer who wants to ensure the physical education they provide is safe, effective and quality.

The physical education licensing body, the ACMEQ, said in a statement that the licensing body has issued a new physical education credential for the profession and the industry.

ACME said it has issued the credential to students and teachers who are licensed to teach physical education for the purposes of certification.

“We have always believed that the profession of physical education can be a positive and life-enhancing experience,” ACME QA Manager Susan A. L. Gilden told ABC News.

“We’ve been working to build a stronger relationship with our industry over the past several years to support the growth of the profession, which is an important part of the education industry.”

The ACME has been offering the new certification since October 2015, when it became available.

In the statement, ACME says that the new credential is offered for both physical education teachers and physical education certifiers.

“The physical education curriculum includes many types of physical activities, including sports, outdoor recreation, and fitness,” the statement said.

“Physical education teachers can earn a certificate in one of these activities.”

In addition to the new physical ed credential, the organization is also issuing a new certification for teachers, called a physical educator assistant certificate.

That certificate is also now available for students and is designed to help schools and organizations better manage physical education classes.

The new certification, the new ACMEQLA certification, and the new licensing body all require students to take the exam.

The ACME spokesperson told ABC news that this new certification is intended for schools and schools districts, not students.

“A school or school district is required to submit a complete application to ACME to determine if the physical environment is appropriate for their physical education classroom,” the spokesperson said.

“Once the physical conditions have been evaluated, the school or district may determine if physical education classrooms are appropriate for students or if a physical fitness and physical wellness class is appropriate,” the ACCEQ statement said, adding that ACME certifiers and schools are required to provide their students with a physical certification in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the ACLEQ.ACMEQ has also issued a second certification, which requires students to receive a physical certificate for physical educators that are also licensed.

The ACCEQUAL certification, issued by the National Association of Physical Educators (NAPE), requires students and their families to complete a physical exam in accordance to guidelines from the ACUEQ.

“There are two versions of the ACQ and the ACECQ that are required of the exam,” the group said in its statement.

“The first version of the physical examination consists of two questions, a physical test, and is used to assess the student’s physical fitness, physical well-being and physical health.

The second version of physical examination is used for all physical education exams and is administered in a standardized format, allowing for a quick review of the student and the exam results to be completed.”

The new ACCEQLA and ACCEQuAL certifications are expected to be available in 2018, according to the group.

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