With so many changes to school curricula and learning styles in recent years, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

However, the fact is that teachers who are leaving their jobs are leaving for a variety of reasons.

Some are unhappy with the way things are going, others feel they can’t do more, and some are simply trying to get their foot in the door and get a foot in front of the teacher.

There’s also the risk of the profession going the way of the school gym, where the quality of instruction is often undermined.

The BBC’s education correspondent, David Gannon, has taken a look at the reasons why teachers are leaving and what they’re likely to do if they do.

Do teachers quit because they’re bored?

It’s a real possibility.

One of the main reasons why some teachers leave their jobs is because of the pressures of school life, particularly in schools with a large number of children.

Some teachers feel that teaching is a lot more than just the boring old things, such as maths and English, and the pressure of the job.

Another factor that teachers say can lead to leaving is the high levels of turnover within the profession.

This is because many of the teachers who leave the profession go to another profession, such to a higher level, which is also a high turnover.

This can leave teachers feeling they have no place in the profession and without the ability to make a career in the classroom.

Some say that they’ve been told they should stay in the school if they want to continue teaching, but this is simply not the case.

What can teachers do to make sure they’re still employed in the future?

You can ask your employer about the terms and conditions for your position and if there are any exceptions to the terms of employment.

However the best way to ensure you’re still working in the teaching profession is to take part in your local local teacher’s union and organise a meeting of your colleagues, who can then ask your local representative to support your cause.

You should also ask your union to help you organise a new contract, which will ensure you can continue to receive your pay, benefits and pensions.

You can also contact your union’s local office and ask them to discuss the best option for you.

How can teachers help?

If you want to stay in your job you’ll need to make your case for your reasons.

If you’re a first-year teacher, you can get in touch with your union and ask for a new term.

This could involve outlining the reasons you want the job and the amount of work you’ll be doing.

Your union might also ask for advice on how to make an impact on the classroom by setting up a project or making a video.

If teachers feel they’re losing the trust of their colleagues, they could ask for their contract to be reviewed.

If they want a contract extension, they can ask for an extension of their existing contract.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the number of pupils in your class, which can help your organisation make an assessment of what your role and workload is.

Finally, you’ll want to ask your colleagues to consider the effects that you may have on the quality and quantity of instruction that you’re providing.

Your organisation might also want you to consider asking your colleagues for a job where you’re expected to do more.

It might also be worth considering joining a new company and working on new projects.

If your job isn’t getting the amount that you want, you might want to consider moving to another part of the country.

Your local union can also advise you about how to find a new job, or work with your employer to find one.

What if I’m leaving?

You might have had your reason for leaving for other reasons and now want to make the best of your time.

If this is the case, you should consider talking to your employer, who may offer you a different position or a new role.

They may also have a range of opportunities to offer you further employment, such in a different part of town, on the same contract or on different terms.

You might also find that you have other options to find work, such being offered a full-time position, a contract at a different level or a position at a more competitive level.

It’s important to remember that your career in teaching is highly dependent on your education and your passion for teaching.

If there’s any question you have about what your future holds, it would be best if you talked to someone who can help you understand what you want and to get the support you need.

If something goes wrong, you’re likely still going to need to continue to teach.

The best thing you can do to help yourself is to continue taking the time to work on your craft, as you should.

This will help you build up a good relationship with your colleagues and help you make the most of your future.

If we can all work to improve the quality, quantity and relevance of education in our classrooms,

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