A Liberal bill to repeal a $2.5 billion education card system was blocked in the Senate yesterday, but Labor has been able to put the legislation on the back burner.

The bill to abolish the school physical examination is one of a number of bills the Nationals are pushing to pass this year.

Labor’s legislation would remove the $2,000 fee from the exam, reduce the number of tests that can be taken in the exam room and reduce the amount of time spent on the exam by the same time.

The changes would also reduce the cost of administering the exams.

The Nationals have also said they will seek to reduce the price of the cards to make them more affordable for low income families.

The legislation is expected to be tabled early next week, with Labor’s support.

Opposition Leader Andrew Robb said it would cost taxpayers $2 billion, with the money coming from “reducing the cost to administer these exams”.

“It’s an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process,” he said.

“They are doing a bit of a public relations exercise by saying it will cost them $2 million and that’s not accurate,” he added. “

This is a bill that will cost the taxpayer millions, and we’re doing our best to get that money back into our schools.”

“They are doing a bit of a public relations exercise by saying it will cost them $2 million and that’s not accurate,” he added.

NBN Co is expected in the coming weeks to release a draft of its plan to implement the changes.

The Government’s plan for the rollout of the card system has been delayed until late 2018, but the Government has promised to make sure the rollout is ready by mid-year.

A report in March found that a significant number of students did not receive an exam or did not complete an exam.

The National Council for Educational Research said that in the past year the number and quality of examinations taken in schools had increased by 25 per cent.

The National Council has also recommended a review of the existing curriculum for the Australian Standards Framework, which is designed to support schools and students in meeting their standards.

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