Victoria is at a record high in suspensions and expelling students, with students having been expelled from more than 30 schools in the past year.

Victoria Police said on Wednesday that it had issued 4,500 expulsion notices and more than 7,000 suspensions during the last academic year.

That was the equivalent of more than three times the number of expulsations issued during the same period in 2017-18.

There have also been nearly 20,000 expulsed from schools since last school year, which has been the highest number since the Victorian Education Bureau began recording data in 1998.

Police say they are monitoring the situation closely.

A spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Education said that while there were many factors that led to the current high numbers, the main factors were a high number of school principals and teachers who failed to adhere to the state’s Safe Schools program, which requires schools to use students in safe settings.

“It has been a long time coming,” the spokesperson said.

“However, the recent trends are a significant escalation in this problem and we would urge parents to be vigilant about what is happening in their schools.”

Schools have been told to close on Fridays and Monday to avoid being in the same classroom, while principals are asked to monitor students’ behaviour.

It’s the latest crackdown on students in the Victorian public school system following a nationwide debate about bullying and the introduction of Safe Schools.

Last year, parents in Victoria began to demand the state stop expulsing students and start treating them with respect.

Victoria’s Education Minister, Scott Emerson, said last week that the government was looking at a new approach to dealing with student expulsion.

He said that he was hopeful a number of schools would follow suit in the coming months.

He also promised to introduce a new Safe Schools curriculum.

The Minister said that students who had been expelled should not be sent home, but that they could be “promoted” to a new school if they did not meet the high standard.

He added that the Government would also look at a “student-to-student” approach, in which the student would be reassessed each week, based on their behaviour and progress.

“Students who have been expelled will not be returned to school.

This will be based on the highest possible standards of behaviour,” he said.

The latest expulses were issued in the Victoria Public School Board.

One of the principals who was arrested in relation to the expulsion of the student was found guilty of sexual assault and other sexual offences in the courts in April.

He was sentenced to four months’ jail and is due to be sentenced in September.

The case has been referred to the Victorian Supreme Court.

Victoria Public Schools Victoria Public schools in Victoria have faced a high level of scrutiny in recent years over the issue of bullying.

The Victorian government announced in June that it was launching an independent review into bullying, and the Federal Government is also investigating bullying and child abuse in schools.

A report into bullying by schools published by the Victorian Public School Alliance in August 2017 found that the majority of schools in Western Australia were failing to act against bullying.

In Victoria, there have been an average of 10 incidents of bullying every week since 2014, according to the report.

The Government has introduced a new policy, known as the Safe Schools Program, which was introduced in 2018.

It requires schools and other public institutions to use all students in an appropriate setting and in a safe setting.

The Safe Schools policy includes the following requirements: • School principals are responsible for ensuring students are safe • All students have access to safe spaces • The school has a written and verbal agreement that all students are treated with respect • School staff are trained in bullying prevention and management, including a role for teachers and support staff • All teachers and staff are responsible to the school’s principal and to the State Government to ensure all students have appropriate support for bullying prevention.

The National Association of Head Teachers said in a statement that the current system of school expulsion was not working in Victoria.

“The Safe Schools Programme has not been working as intended and is not working as a strategy to reduce bullying,” said NHAT Victoria Chief Executive Peter Stuckler.

“We would urge the Government to rethink its approach to the Safe School Programme, which is failing to stop bullying in schools and is creating a situation where students feel more safe than ever.”

The National Union of Headteachers has also called for the suspension of all school staff and students in Victoria, which would mean more teachers being deployed in schools, and that parents and students be given more information on the issue.

The union also said it was concerned about the growing number of parents who are opting not to send their children to school due to bullying.

Victoria has one of the highest rates of reported bullying in Australia, with one in six pupils in the state reporting they have been bullied in the previous 12 months.

Victoria was ranked the second most unsafe school in the world in 2016, with a score

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