A new analysis has found that there is a correlation between the number of physical education students in a school and the amount of funding that is being awarded for them.

The analysis, published on Monday, found that schools that received the highest amount of physical educational funding received more funding than schools that had fewer students.

According to the analysis, the correlation between funding received from physical education programs and physical education enrolment was 0.75, indicating that schools with more students were getting more funding.

The analysis, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), found that physical education schools received the most total funding ($1.14 billion), followed by physical education centers ($1 billion), and physical educators ($1,077 million).

The largest categories of funding, the analysis found, were for physical education instruction ($828 million), physical education labs ($630 million), and students enrolled in physical education classrooms ($722 million).

As of December 2016, physical education received $2.5 billion from state and local governments, according to NCES.

The researchers also found that districts that received more money from the state for physical instruction were more likely to be located in metropolitan areas, and that schools in rural areas were more affected by the state funding cuts.

“Although physical education enrollment increased over the past decade, it has remained stable over the last three decades in most urban and suburban districts, suggesting that the trend in enrollment is consistent with the declining cost of physical instruction,” the authors of the analysis wrote in a paper published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE.

The authors concluded that physical educators are more likely than others to attend college, as well as have children in their schools.

However, physical educators in poorer neighborhoods are less likely to attend colleges and are also less likely than those in wealthier neighborhoods to have children, the report found.

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