When you’re trying to keep your children safe, you want them to be physically active and not distracted by a digital screen or smartphone.

Physical activity can help you keep your kids engaged, and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says it can help prevent the development of anxiety and depression.

Here are six ways to get kids active while also teaching them about the body.


Read the news about physical activity.

You want to make sure you’re keeping kids engaged with your news coverage.

If your kids aren’t watching the news, don’t worry, you can do a little research to find out what’s going on.

Look for the word “physical” in a headline or headline section.

In the case of the CDC’s latest health report, for example, the word physical activity appeared in headlines about weight loss and cancer.


Look at the facts.

It’s important to understand the science behind physical activity and what it does to your kids.

Look to the research on the physical activity you’re doing and ask yourself whether physical activity can be part of your kids’ everyday life.


Ask them if it’s safe.

If the answer is yes, it’s important that you use physical activity to reduce your child’s risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

You also want to use physical activities to help kids who aren’t physically active to be active and healthy.


Check their schedule.

Make sure your child isn’t sitting alone at home and not at the doctor’s office or at school.

Ask him or her to do a walk and run if he or she is having a fever, if they are allergic to certain medicines or if they’re taking medication for depression.

If you’re at the gym and you’re not seeing your kids, ask them to do some exercise at home.


Get to know them.

Ask your kids about their families and friends.

Be sure to ask questions like, “Do you like to do other things besides playing with your kids?” or “What is your favorite activity?”

You can also ask them what they do for fun outside of school and how often they have fun outside.


Ask about physical education.

When kids have a physical activity program, they can make sure their parents and teachers are aware of the activity.

Physical education can be a great way to teach kids about physical activities and also get kids engaged.

For example, physical education exercises can help kids build confidence in themselves, and you can also use physical education to make them feel comfortable.

The AAP recommends using a physical exercise book to help children understand how to perform the exercise.

It might also be a good idea to use a physical health information kit to help your kids understand the best ways to protect their health.

Read more about physical exercise.

Read about ways to prevent and treat obesity.

Read all about how physical activity helps to reduce health risks.

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