Differentiation is a term that refers to a range of different activities students can take at home to learn new skills, such as writing, drawing and speaking.

It also helps students identify new activities, which can help them get the most out of their school time.

The Canadian Physical Education Association (CPEA) says that physical education is one of the most important ways that children learn in school.

It offers workshops and online training courses, and a variety of materials.

Physical education is a major component of many different curriculum activities, including sports, reading, language and literacy, social skills and science.

There are a number of different ways that differentiation can help students learn, says Karen Wessel, director of curriculum and instruction at CPEA.

For example, physical education teachers use differentiating activities in their classrooms to help students understand how different learning strategies work.

For students, this can mean using a different color, writing on different pages, making different shapes, or using different colors of pens and pencils.

Wessel says physical education curricula are a great way to help children build up their vocabulary and skills.

She adds that the physical education curriculum can help kids learn to distinguish between different types of books, including those from the popular kids’ book series, which has been a big hit with parents.

For more, read: What is physical education?

The idea of physical education differs from classroom to classroom, with different types and levels of physical activity for each child.

Wether you’re a parent, teacher, or student, here are some ways to make physical education a part of your school day.

How to learn about physical education Differentiating Activities Physical Education Learning Resources: Physical Education Education Resources: The Canadian Paediatric Society – Paediatrics, Pediatric Specialists, and Pediatric Nurses Association (PPSN) (2015).

Paedal Paedo-Health and Pediatrics, PPSN, 1-800-424-4900.

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