Teachers and administrators are using an emerging technology to help schools teach students how to use computers, laptops, and video games.

The Wall St. Journal reports that the National Center for Elementary and Secondary Education, or NCES, has started training teachers in virtual classrooms, which they say are easier to navigate and teach.

The National Center said in a statement that the new virtual learning platform, called “ION”, is the result of an innovative collaboration between NCES and Microsoft, which “developed the ION curriculum for a wide range of different programs”.

It says the platform “provides teachers with a more flexible learning experience, while helping to reduce the barriers to entry to technology”.

Microsoft has long been an advocate of education technology, and is already developing a number of apps and devices for teachers and students.

It has also recently announced that it will buy the company that makes the Xbox One console for $500m.

The news of Microsoft’s involvement with the IONS platform came as a surprise to some parents.

“I think we’re the only ones that have not heard about it, and I’m really concerned about the potential impact that it might have on our kids,” said Jill Daley, who has two children enrolled in the Ions virtual learning program at her son’s school in South Dakota.

“This is something that’s been developed and developed and grown over the last five or six years.

And we don’t know what they’re going to do with it.

We don’t even know what the exact curriculum is, and it’s all been created by a third party.”

The NCES program, which started in 2016, teaches children in grades one to three about computer use, programming, programming language skills, and other learning topics.

It uses a number in-person learning opportunities, which have been popular with students, as well as on-line training and online lessons.

The NCERS program is also teaching the technology to students in grades four through eight.

The IONS technology is being used to teach elementary and secondary schools in a variety of ways.

Some schools are using it to teach computers to students.

Others are using the software to teach students physical education.

The Microsoft deal, which was first reported by CNNMoney, could make IONS more accessible to parents.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company “encourages schools to use the best technology to educate students”.

She added: “We’re always looking for ways to make our products more useful and accessible to our students.”

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