The first thing I would say is that I am not one to be shy about my opinions on the subject of autism.

The reality is that autism is not as mysterious as some people think it is.

It has been around for a very long time and it has a long and complicated history.

The history of autism can be traced to the very first recorded case of it in 1618.

That is a good thing, because if we look back at history, it seems that the first case of autism was almost certainly in the United States.

A number of years later, a Dutchman named Jacob van den Bergland was diagnosed with the disease.

He was able to live on a farm in Holland and, after years of working in the fields, was able at last to have a son.

That child, who would later become known as Jacob, was eventually adopted by a Dutch family and raised by them.

In 1690, a man named Johann Friedrich von Köhler was born in Amsterdam.

He died in 1694, but his son and his adopted son survived the epidemic and survived to adulthood.

Then there was the first documented case of the disease in 1723.

This was in France.

Around this time, another man named Friedrich von Griesbach came to the Netherlands.

He had a son named Charles who lived a very normal life until he contracted a disease in 1812 that killed him.

Charles was not only the first confirmed case of autistic disorder but also the first known person to have an epileptic seizure.

Charles Griesbühler was also the most famous and celebrated epileptic in the history of the Netherlands, and he died at the age of 23.

It seems that autism was not always a secret.

By the 19th century, a number of people had come forward with tales of people who had the disease and who had lived through a very bad outbreak.

For example, in 1852, a woman named Marie Lees was diagnosed as having an autistic disorder.

She was very ill, but she survived.

She had her first epileptic attack at age 22, and by age 25 she was a very fit woman.

Her story also inspired an entire branch of medical history, the “medical history of autistic disorders”.

She had two children with the condition, who lived in the same town, and the children had a great deal of respect for her.

It was a good life, but the two children were both born with autism.

Another case of an autistic person, Thomas Büchler, who had a stroke in 1850, had a good relationship with his mother and they had two beautiful children.

Thomas died at age 40, but there was a book about his life, published in 1897.

Thomas Büchesler was a genius and he had a brilliant career as a medical doctor, and later, as an inventor.

As far as we know, he never had a seizure, though he did suffer from a lot of seizures, including one that caused his death in 1903.

There are many other examples of people in the past who have had the condition.

They include: • Thomas Mann , who was diagnosed in 1894 with the disorder.

Mann died at just 47 years old, but he had been a successful lawyer in his youth.

He later wrote that he did not feel he had the disorder until he was 30.

•Thomas Rüttgen , who, in 1897, was diagnosed by his mother with autism and died at 57.

Rütsgen was a famous artist who was also a scientist, inventor and a philosopher.

His life was very successful and he spent much of his time researching the theory of evolution and the universe.

He wrote books about the history and nature of the universe, and in 1899 he was able, for the first time, to communicate with an extraterrestrial civilization.

In a few years, he had managed to communicate successfully with aliens.

•A young man named Georg Friedrich Rück , who died in 1898, was a well-known and respected scientist.

Röck had a successful career as an engineer, and at the same time he was a prolific writer.

He became an acclaimed novelist and was also known for his work in poetry.

He published several books of poetry in his lifetime, and these included “I Have Seen the Stars”, which was a collection of poems about the wonders of the cosmos.

Röck died in 1902, but that book still lives in the collection of the Röcker Library in Berlin.

He is said to have said that “his book is the most beautiful and the most important work in the whole of modern science”.

•In 1903, the young American physicist Ernest Rutherford, was born.

Rutherford was a great physicist and mathematician, and one of the first people to be diagnosed with autism in the U.S.

Rutherford was a talented young man and a brilliant scientist. In 1908,

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